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Dear Friend,

Would you like to start your own window-washing business this week and say good-bye to a boss forever? How about live anywhere you want? How about finally be able to afford some of the toys you want, buy land or a house, etc.?

This is all possible because you don’t have to do the work yourself if you don’t want to. Instead, you can leverage your time with window washers. There is a never-ending supply of guys and gals who need a job.

And the best part is the REPEAT BUSINESS that’s weekly, monthly, yearly and bi-yearly depending on accounts.

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  • The basic low-cost tools you need that makes window washing FUN and EASY!
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Fact: The two main reasons most window-washers throw in the towel is that they don’t know how to go about getting the really good business and they don’t know how much to charge for their work if they did. All that can change right now!

Fact: Window Washing is easiest business to start because of repeat business. That makes this a RED-HOT money maker.

Fact: Window Washing is one of the fastest and simplest vehicles for earning a six-figure income. All across the USA, there is more business than anyone man can handle!

  • A window washing business is a service that can bring you quick financial rewards.
  • It’s a business that can be easily run very profitably by just one man or a team.
  • Only a few clever tricks-of-the-trade are needed.
  • Only a small investment in tools or equipment is needed, (usually less than $100).
  • Very little space is needed to store tools – you can operate out of your home and your car for as long as you like.
  • There’s a real demand for this service everywhere!
  • A window washing service is as profitable in small towns as well as in larger ones.
  • Your risks will be minimal while your rewards can far surpass your wildest dreams.
  • Generally, a one man operation in a city of 50,000 can expect to gross $5,000 or more per month after just ninety days in operation.
  • It’s Also Real Easy to Get ALL the REPEAT Customers You Can Handle!

My story…

My name is Lee Cusano. I have been self-employed and providing professional service to local businesses and homeowners since 1991. I know how to get plenty of business — commercial and residential, and I know how much to charge customers to make $200 or more per day.

When I wash windows they sparkle like fine jewels. The old boys taught me an amazing secret for this years ago.

I was a high-school drop-out. I worked minimum wage jobs all my life. I never held on to a job longer that 3 years. I worked with people that didn’t have a good day unless they could make someone else’s life as miserable as theirs was.

I worked with child-support paying drug addicts, know-it-all mouthy punk kids, real jerk bosses and everything in between. I didn’t have control of my life. My life was controlled by a system that will keep you broke.

Today I marvel at what I used to make per week working a “J.O.B.” (just over broke) I got sick and tired of being on the same old Monday thru Friday low-pay program. And that’s the day I decided to go into business for myself. And that decision changed my life forever!

My income shot up instantly and my hours went down from 45 to 30 per week on a permanent basis. My self-esteem rose, and I got more sleep. Every work day is now a pleasant day because I spend most of my time doing what I like. No one tells me what to do. I’m the boss.

I got so spoiled, that there was no way I could ever work as an employee ever again unless they paid me a million a year and let me come and go as I pleased.

I like having money when I need it – NOT having to wait 2 weeks or a month for a modest paycheck. I don’t have to hit Payday Advance to make it through the week either.

  • Are you tired of the same old program you’re currently on right now?
  • Would you like more money and less hours per week?
  • Would you like quieter, cleaner working conditions?

Then hit “Page Down” and order RIGHT NOW! What have you got to lose? You could make your investment back in one day. I promise you you will not be disappointed. You could be making better money as soon as this week!

You can have it all when you become self-employed. Even if you are looking for extra income, the experts say that it is better to start a small sideline business than to go out and work a second job for some measly McPeanuts.

  • Work only part-time if you want…
  • Live anywhere in the country you want – even in resort areas…
  • Start choosing the hours YOU want to work…
  • Have more fun money to buy the things you’ve been wanting for way too long…
  • Have instant cash in your pockets anytime you want it… and you don’t have to become “George The Window-Washer” to make hot money in this business!


===> What You Will Get When You Instantly Download “Window Washing Profits”…

  • Professional Tips For Cleaning Windows
  • Simple Clever Methods Used By Professionals
  • Where to Get Your Supplies
  • The Best Cleaning Solution
  • How Much to Charge
  • How to Get All the Repeat Business You Want
  • What to do in your 1st week to make immediate income
  • How to accurately Bid Commercial and Residential Accounts
  • Time-Proven Advertising Materials You Can Instantly Use
  • How to beat any competition hands down
  • How to Get the Best Paying Jobs
  • Important Do’s and Don’ts
  • Picking the right name for your business
  • How You Get Paid
  • Legal matters

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